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Whether you’re going through a merger or an acquisition, it can pay to invest in expert branding and marketing alongside that transition. Just ask the 20+ clients we’ve helped through M&As. From guiding companies through the process and building value before an acquisition to bringing brands together while maintaining customer confidence and creating growth post-acquisition, we’re ready to help you create success—every step of the way.

What 365买球 Can Do For You


In our experience, good marketing and branding can massively increase a company’s valuation in the time leading up to a potential acquisition. So if your company is targeting acquisition in the next six months to three years, a strong branding and marketing campaign could be one of the best investments you could make toward that future value.


Mergers and acquisitions represent tremendous opportunities for growth. So to capitalize on that growth, we’ve developed a proven, research-driven process that analyzes each company’s history, market presence, customer needs and internal culture. Then, we use that data to create winning branding, marketing and messaging that unifies the two companies as one. The result is a strong market presence that serves as a launchpad for future growth.


For more than a decade, we’ve been helping companies who have recently gone through M&A events make the most of their new market presence and capabilities—all while successfully navigating any challenges. With our expertise and support, you won’t find a better, more experienced and more capable marketing partner to guide you through your post-M&A growth.

A Few Of Our Success Stories

A Globe-Spanning Partnership

Two aerospace distribution giants, one with American and one with European roots, came together through an acquisition. But, how do you present that partnership to their customers, employees and the world? How do you meld two very different cultures into one? It’s a question we were thrilled to help answer.

LA’s Most Recognized Sports Docs Join LA’s Most Prestigious Hospital System

You might know Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedics as the doctors who take care of the Rams, Kings, Angels and Galaxy, or the group that invented Tommy John surgery. You might know Cedars Sinai as the hospital that LA’s most prominent citizens turn to when they need medical help. When the two came together, they turned to us.

Joining Two of an Industry’s Strongest Brands into One

When two strong, equally matched former competitors with broad market presences come together, how do you move forward? In our case, the answer is interviewing hundreds of employees, customers and partners to gather data, and then launching a new brand with a new name that brings together the best of both worlds.




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